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xiamen honglu

2021-03-10 16:38:31

since it was first held in shanghai in 1988, semicon china has become one of the premier semiconductor industry events in china, including major equipment and material manufacturers in the field of semiconductor manufacturing in the world today. in the 2020 exhibition, a total of 913 exhibitors were attracted, 3,493 booths were arranged, and 31,208 visitors participated in the event.

semicon china exhibitors cover the entire industry chain of equipment and materials in the semiconductor industry, and can learn about the global industry pattern, cutting-edge technologies and market trends of the semiconductor industry at the exhibition.

xiamen honglu is one of the first batch of national high-tech enterprises. it has the first post-doctoral workstation in the domestic tungsten and molybdenum processing industry. the group has a national tungsten material engineering technology center. relying on strong research and development capabilities, xiamen honglu is committed to providing tungsten and molybdenum products related to the semiconductor industry and tungsten materials for detection probes.

at this event, xiamen honglu will showcase its achievements in recent years in the fields of semiconductors and high-temperature furnaces, and provide more competitive tungsten and molybdenum product solutions for customers in the semiconductor industry. i look forward to discussing and communicating with old and new friends through this event. it is a great honor to invite you to visit us!

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