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xiamen honglu debuts at dmp2020

2021-01-25 16:59:51

from november 24th to 27th, 2020, xiamen honglu participated in the greater bay area industrial expo (dmp2020) with the aim of "providing overall solutions to make wire cutting easier".

in this exhibition, xiamen honglu exhibited tungsten series, molybdenum series and tungsten-molybdenum extended series products, which also showed xiamen honglu's corporate culture and humanistic style.

in addition to displaying the traditional series of products, xiamen honglu has also introduced new products, such as environmentally friendly water-soluble wire cutting working fluids, conductive blocks and other wire cutting ecosystem related products, which also joined the exhibition for the first time.

exhibition light and shadow

1. thematic communication

during the exhibition, in response to the theme of "providing overall solutions to make wire cutting easier", the industry leaders were very interested, and they talked freely and happily. this also lays a good foundation for realizing the concept of xiamen honglu.

2. the grand occasion of the exhibition

during the exhibition, there was an endless stream of gods from all walks of life, crowded and lively.

xiamen honglu has always been committed to creating higher value for customers.

with the theme of "providing overall solutions to make wire cutting easier", xiamen honglu will start a new year. in 2021, xiamen honglu will gradually build an ecological circle for the wire cutting industry. it is expected that in january 2021, the environmentally friendly water-soluble working fluid and conductive block will be launched for the first time. stay tuned.

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