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xiamen honglu's participation in semicom china came to a successful conclusion!

2021-03-30 16:59:36

on march 19, the semicom china 2021 exhibition tour of xiamen honglu team came to a successful conclusion!

as one of the premier semiconductor industry events in china, semicon china has brought together many upstream and downstream semiconductor manufacturers in shanghai. xiamen honglu attaches great importance to the semicom china platform. this year is the 8th time to participate in the event as an exhibitor.

the lineup of this exhibition has grown unprecedentedly. the exhibition area of semicom china 2021 reaches 84,500 square meters, with nearly 1,100 exhibitors, more than 4,000 booths, and more than 20 concurrent conferences and activities, covering chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment, material suppliers, etc. the whole industry chain. it not only proves the development of semicom china, but also shows the vigorous development momentum of the semiconductor industry.

xiamen honglu was invited to participate in the exhibition on march 17th, showing tailor-made information solutions for the semiconductor industry, and brought the latest research and development results, including tungsten needles for detection, tungsten-titanium target (4n5), ion source arc chamber, ion source molybdenum grid, coating machine (tungsten/molybdenum) consumables, evaporation crucible (tungsten/molybdenum), k700 middle-ring heating wire, k4665 middle-ring heating wire, molybdenum boat and other products.


it is reported that in 2020, the global semiconductor material market will grow steadily and slightly by 4.9% to reach us$55.3 billion. china will grow by 12% to us$9.76 billion in 2020, becoming the world's second largest semiconductor material market, and is expected to grow by 10.5% to us$10.79 billion in 2021, continuing to maintain this market position.


while the development momentum of the semiconductor industry is gratifying, the market competition is extremely fierce. ju long, global vice president of semi and president of china, said that china's semiconductor industry is facing unprecedented challenges and crises in 2020, as well as unprecedented opportunities. how to use informatization to improve marketing skills, provide customers with high-quality and targeted product solutions, and take the initiative and gain an advantage in the market competition filled with gunpowder smoke is a problem that honglu must think deeply about. at the exhibition, the honglu team visited customers, consolidated the existing cooperative relationship, and discovered a large number of potential customers, laying a foundation for developing the market.


the times have given us the motivation to move forward, and we run hard with our original intentions. the continuous growth of honglu is inseparable from the support of customers and suppliers and friends over the years. the exhibition time is limited this time. i look forward to having more opportunities to communicate with new and old friends at the next event!

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