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towards the new | to our 2022

2021-12-31 21:16:17

one yuan resumes, and all phenomena are renewed.

the cumulus clouds were slowly blown, and they were about to dissipate, and the past turned into consciousness in the mind. the red cloud in the first month is the start of the traditional chinese new year, indicating a good new year; with the vision of "making wire cutting work easier", the "three-piece wire cutting set" quietly entered the market, looking forward to creating higher value for you; after the warm may, the loose cloud witnessed in july that we practiced our original intention of "creating higher value for customers". coinciding with the centenary of the founding of the party, honglu party members led the research, production and sales teams to enter again. by your side, there is a legacy of "the coolness" of the exclusive line cut people; ruiyun hangs in september, witnessing the growth of honglu for another year, thanksgiving, and expressing gratitude; floating clouds drifting past november, the opening of the the annual rainbow heron's fiery shopping festival; before you know it, this year is coming to an end, and the sea of clouds in the sky suddenly gathers, waiting for the next year's clouds.

years will be renewed and new.

the hour hand was slowly moved, and was about to cross the new scale. and what is our vision beyond? actually, you can! cross the current hurdle, cross the distant mountain, or the road in front of you is getting smoother and happier... years are new, a new page, the more you read the world.

the master said: 30 years old, 2022 is the year when the rainbow heron stands. in this year, the rainbow heron will stand in the heart, reminisce the past with gratitude, and look forward to the future with eternal awe; drive, lead the development of the industry; rely on action, bring customers higher-level products and more considerate services; rely on trust, keep in mind the mission of the new era, and promote the light of made in china.

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