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two industry standards,

2021-12-15 11:36:07

in order to promote the improvement and market promotion of tungsten materials and xenon lamp tungsten anodes for ion implantation machines of honglu company, and to highlight the quality level of honglu products, the "ion implantation machine" was drafted by the tungsten and molybdenum products division and the technical management department. after 3 years of discussion and writing, the two industry standards "using tungsten materials" (ys/t1371-2020) and the leading revision of "xenon lamp tungsten anode" (ys/t39-2020) have recently been approved by the ministry of industry and information technology of the people's republic of china. publish paper standards.

     the two standards absorb the long-term accumulation of data of similar product processing enterprises at home and abroad, and involve comprehensive content and detailed clauses. after the examination and approval of experts from the rare metals branch of the national nonferrous metals standards committee, they agreed that the standards as a whole have reached the international advanced level.

     the two industry standards will be officially implemented on april 1, 2021. the release of the industrial standards marks a step forward for these two types of products to a higher standardization level, enhances market competitiveness, meets market demands, and helps to establish a good company image of quality.

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