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xiamen honglu tianxiang phase ii construction project started

2022-01-04 16:32:53

on the morning of december 31st, the groundbreaking ceremony of xiamen honglu tianxiang phase ii construction project was held in jimei. lin chongyang, secretary of the cpc xiamen jimei district committee, zhang da, deputy head of xiamen jimei district government, zheng zhen, secretary of the party committee and chairman of fujian metallurgy, zhang ling, deputy secretary and general manager of the party committee, xu jisong, member of the party committee and deputy general manager, and xiamen tungsten industry party committee secretary and chairman huang changgeng, deputy secretary of the party committee and president wu gaohao, deputy secretary of the party committee and executive vice president zhong kexiang, member of the party committee, vice president and chairman of xiamen honglu zhong bingxian, party secretary and general manager of china construction third engineering bureau fujian branch wang xiaofei , vice president of fuzhou architectural design institute, chief architect yang dadong and other relevant leaders attended the ceremony.

secretary lin chongyang expressed warm congratulations on the start of the project in his speech on behalf of the jimei district committee and the district government of xiamen. he said that since honglu settled in jimei in 1996, jimei has been associated with xiamen tungsten. in the past 30 years, the series of industries of xiamen tungsten and honglu have achieved good development in jimei, and have made significant contributions to the development of jimei. jimei district will attach great importance to and support the construction and development of xiamen honglu tianxiang phase ii project, provide all the support and help the government can do, and wish to lay a foundation for new hope, a new future, and a better harvest in the new year. develop.

chairman huang changgeng delivered a speech on behalf of xiamen tungsten industry. he said that xiamen honglu is committed to becoming an international and professional tungsten and molybdenum manufacturing technology-based enterprise, relying on the profound tungsten and molybdenum deep processing technology and the advantages of xiamen tungsten industry chain, adhering to the concept of "tungsten and molybdenum technology, win glory for the country", actively and deeply explore the unique application advantages of tungsten and molybdenum materials. after the project starts, we must continue to carry forward the xia tungsten spirit of "hard work, innovation and hard work", keep improving, forge ahead, and promote the project to reach production, standards and efficiency as soon as possible, and actively practice state-owned enterprises. the mission is to make due contributions to the economic take-off of fujian province and xiamen city.

xiamen honglu tianxiang phase ii project is a key investment project of xiamen tungsten industry in the field of tungsten and molybdenum deep processing applications. the investment in plant construction is about 180 million yuan, covering an area of about 28,000 square meters and a building area of about 58,000 square meters. the construction content includes two plants and a warehouse complex. the construction period of the project is 18 months, and it is expected to be completed before june 2023. after the project is completed, it will be settled in the photovoltaic tungsten wire project.

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