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the tungsten and molybdenum products division held the first quarter operation analysis meeting

2022-04-27 16:32:27

on april 11, 2022, the first-quarter operation analysis meeting of the tungsten and molybdenum products division was held in the training room on the third floor of honglu homeland. li mingqi, the general manager of the company, peng fusheng, the chief quality engineer, huang zhimin, the general manager of the business department, shi tao, the marketing director, and all departments and project leaders of the business department attended the meeting. the meeting invited functional departments such as the finance department, human resources department, production maintenance department, quality control department, customer service center and production management department to participate in operational analysis and improvement.

the conference is mainly divided into five sections: comprehensive budget management, comprehensive performance management, iam international advanced manufacturing, ipd integrated product development and functional platform bp analysis.

comprehensive budget management section

the head of each sales team analyzes the achievement of budget and strategic tasks, finds differences in the analysis, and formulates work goals and plans for the next stage.

comprehensive performance management section

zhou yan, the performance supervisor of the human resources department, introduced the performance completion and performance communication of the product division in the first quarter.

iam section

after tu zhilong of the lean office and zhang yuling, the lean commissioner of the business unit, analyzed the lean work promotion of the business unit in the first quarter, sun yuanxin, the manager of the first product department, and lin qiang, the manager of the second product department, respectively analyzed the lean work development of the two departments in the first quarter. quality improvement is based on the basics and three-not-four inspections. manager sun introduced the work done in quality improvement using charts and data for different projects; manager lin listed in detail the plans, progress and future of key projects based on the smart principle. the key measures and completion time of the down work plan were analyzed. at the same time, the improvement points within the department were analyzed.

ipd plate

ipd is a set of models, concepts and methods for product development. after liu wenting from the technical management department gave a detailed introduction to ipd, the product one and two technical departments and 3d product group, ct rotating anode target, molybdenum plug, molybdenum component new solder project component quality management, technology development, project introduction, research and development the progress and other modules have been reported. among them, zheng ailong made a detailed analysis of the progress of the development project of ruthenium-free and low-ruthenium brazing solder from the formulation and morphology of raw materials to customer testing, and put forward the work plan for the next stage from the aspects of r&d and sales. when commenting, mr. huang pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen external communication to dig out problems, arouse thinking and awaken action.

functional department

each functional department analyzed the overall operation, technical improvement, quality exception handling, and customer complaints and returns of the product division, and analyzed the operation of the product division in the first quarter from the perspective of the "third eye". and review, proposed key improvement and tracking projects.

the meeting also conducted on-site voting rankings on the comprehensive quality of analysis of the team members who participated in the analysis and report, and awarded prizes to the top three ranked lin qiang, zheng ailong, and zhang yuling for encouragement.

the problem point is the starting point and focus of the work. as mr. peng pointed out in his comments, the focus of operation analysis is on analysis rather than summary. through analysis, we can find out goals, results, differences, and reasons, and output improvement plans. only by finding problems can we better propose improvements.

through this meeting, each department and project team have a clearer understanding of the current problems. the development of the product division requires all members of the team to unify their thoughts, form a joint force, solve problems one by one, and seek longer-term development.

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