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traditional lighting

2022-04-15 09:27:41

in may 2020, ge announced that it would sell its 129-year-old lighting division to savant systems, a smart home company, which means that this lighting company, which has "made the first light bulb" and is one of the "three major lighting giants in the world", officially bid farewell to general lighting. stage. but after the deal, the ge-branded light bulbs won't go away. the transaction includes a long-term license agreement allowing savant systems to use the prestigious ge brand.

both plants produce linear fluorescent and halogen bulbs. the closure of the bucyrus and logan plants is directly related to the sharp drop in demand for these commodities. a spokesman for the company said: "the demand for linear fluorescent lamps across the lighting industry has declined at a double-digit annual rate for the past five years. california and nevada have already excluded energy-efficient halogen lamps from the market, and the department of energy is expected to ban them soon in the united states. manufacture and sale.”

in fact, in recent years, the traditional lighting market has gradually become saturated, and demand and profits have declined simultaneously. therefore, many lighting manufacturers implement the strategy of closing factories and transforming and upgrading. for example, in 2020 signify closed a factory in salina, kansas, usa. the factory mainly produces traditional lighting products. as demand for traditional lighting products continues to decline, signify will move traditional lighting production to its factories in poland and india to take advantage of economies of scale and improve efficiency.

the proportion of traditional lighting products of domestic veteran lighting companies is also decreasing day by day. as a veteran lighting company established in 1992 and one of the earliest companies engaged in the production and sales of lighting products, foshan lighting's traditional lighting products are decreasing year by year. in 2021, foshan lighting will achieve a total revenue of 4.77 billion yuan, with led lighting products accounting for 64.9%, while traditional lighting products only account for 13.0%.

in this environment, led lighting products are gradually replacing traditional lighting products, and various lighting manufacturers are also accelerating the pace of transformation from traditional lighting to led lighting.

thinking about the path of transformation and upgrading

led lighting products can quickly occupy the market, thanks to the continuous maturity of technology, and the cost has dropped significantly. at the same time, the national green lighting project and related policies directly promote the rapid development of the led lighting market. led lighting products will maintain a strong momentum of development and fully replace traditional lighting products.

however, with the rising penetration rate of led lighting and the increasingly fierce competition in the led lighting industry, led general lighting has gradually reached the ceiling of the industry, the growth has slowed down, and entering the mature stage of the market, led lighting does not seem to be done once and for all.

in this regard, many lighting manufacturers have implemented the strategy of closing factories and actively transforming and upgrading. at the same time, they have also upgraded their product structure and made efforts to apply market segments. previously, osram sold its lighting business and officially announced that the company has transformed from a traditional lighting company to a company focusing on three major areas of smart travel, smart cities and smart devices.

looking at the product layout of led lighting companies, while various led lighting companies are transforming from traditional lighting to led lighting, they are also gradually shifting to smart lighting. by improving smart product technology and product categories, they can increase profit growth.


nvc lighting's eye-protecting desk lamp first joined huawei's hilink smart home ecosystem to optimize its eye-protecting desk lamp products; sanxiong aurora launched the ai smart life series, which can directly control language through tmall genie to provide consumers with whole-house smart lighting solutions ; sunlight followed closely and launched a new product, lingrui smart bulbs, which set off another wave in the industry.


looking at signify, its led business accounted for 80% of total q2 sales, including digital products and digital solutions. as the first lighting company to launch alternative 60-watt led bulbs and various energy-saving light sources, signify believes that energy-saving lighting products with led technology as the core will have the opportunity to change the production, operation and service modes of more industries.

in the field of agricultural lighting, signify's unique lighting technology is providing light sources according to the needs of different crops, promoting yield and quality in a sustainable way. taking tomato cultivation as an example, signify's "light formula" can reduce irrigation water consumption by 90% while increasing yields. in china, "light formula" solutions are applied to smart agriculture, high-end flower industry and hotel catering.


on the whole, led lighting products have replaced traditional lighting and become the main force in household, commercial, industrial, outdoor and other lighting. at the same time, led lighting products catch the two express trains of smart lighting and healthy lighting, which is a shortcut for lighting companies to successfully break through. the epidemic has brought the popularity of uvc lighting, which will also bring many "lighting opportunities".

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