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xiamen honglu was approved for the national vocational skill level recognition qualification

2022-05-13 14:05:53

after more than two years of preparatory work, the forger occupational skill level certification program organized by our company has officially passed the record of the occupational skill evaluation center of the ministry of human resources and social security (record number y000035200005). xiamen honglu has become the fifth employer in xiamen and the first employer in xiamen tungsten industry that has the qualification to carry out vocational skill level certification.

occupational skill level recognition refers to an evaluation agency that has been reviewed and filed by the ministry of human resources and social security, according to the national occupational skill standards or occupational skill evaluation norms, to evaluate the skill level of workers and issue a vocational skill level certificate.

over the years, honglu has attached great importance to the identification of occupational skill levels of employees, and has successively applied for provincial model worker studios and provincial skill master studios to continuously improve the system, consolidate the foundation, and standardize the process, which has laid a good foundation for the smooth filing of this application.

this successful application means that honglu can carry out ability level evaluation and issue vocational qualification certificates according to the vocational skill standards. in the future, the skill level certificate issued by honglu will have the same effect as the national vocational qualification certificate. enjoy the dividends of various national and local policies on skilled talents.

in the next stage, our company's vocational skills appraisal station will continue to apply for new occupational (job) appraisal qualifications based on business development, standard construction, talent training, etc. to meet the needs of our company's skilled personnel training.

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