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the outdoor quality development of fresh college students in 2021 has ended successfully!

2021-08-05 08:45:07

in order to further promote communication among newly recruited college students, enhance teamwork ability, stimulate the potential of team members, and create an elite team that is not afraid of difficulties and has the courage to meet challenges. from july 16th to 17th, 2021, honglu organized 20 newly recruited college students and 6 newly recruited employees to jointly carry out the two-day outdoor quality development training of "concentrate on strength and start together".

military training

at 10 a.m. on the 16th, the new members of honglu welcomed their first project—military training. in an enterprise, it is understood that obedience is the premise of execution. through military training, the new honglu lumen understand that the first lesson in entering the workplace is to learn obedience and fast execution, and this is also one of the necessary qualities of professionals. one.

building a tower together

in the activity of building the tower on this occasion, the new members of honglu realized that in the team, everyone only has a different division of labor, and there is no difference in importance. each member should perform their own duties, and only by unity and cooperation can we have a strong cohesion!


26 honglu mengxin were divided into 7 groups to simulate different departments in the enterprise. among them, 6 groups cannot communicate directly, and the seventh group in the middle position shall be the leading group to coordinate and cooperate with other groups to complete the content on their respective task cards.

at the end of the game, everyone sat around to share their experiences, and agreed that information and resource sharing in the team is very important. when the pursuit of individual interests does not have the guidance and regulations of the big team goals, there will inevitably be small teams that ignore the overall situation in order to maximize their own interests, resulting in system collapse and project failure.

graduation line

the most unforgettable challenge is the "graduation line" challenge, which is the last big test before the training camp closes. all members need to cross the graduation line nearly 1.5 meters high without using any props. if they touch the crossing line during the crossing, everyone will challenge again.

a champion is born

the two-day and one-night quality development training program came to an end along with the successful transition of the graduation line. the first group finally won the top prize and became the first place in this outdoor quality development!

although this outdoor quality development activity is only for two days, the inspiration and experience given to everyone is a permanent spiritual wealth! the attitude of not being afraid of difficulties and having the courage to try will be deeply buried in the hearts of every rainbow heron.

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