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tzm for hot runner nozzle

2021-08-15 09:20:56

plastic injection molding is a process used to manufacture plastic products. the molten plastic is transported through the hot runner and injected into the mold. therefore, many plastics require very precise processing temperatures.

to keep the plastic at the right temperature, the runner is heated externally using a heating coil. only at the very end (nozzle tip) no further heating is used, the heated runner nozzle must transfer heat to the plastic, so the thermal conductivity of the material is critical. not enough for traditional metals like steel, and while copper has a high thermal conductivity, it cannot withstand high wear plastics.

for example, fiberglass reinforced plastics are very strong during processing and are very abrasive. during the production process, considerable pressure is exerted on the hot runner system, especially the hot runner nozzle. an optimal combination of thermal conductivity and material hardness is therefore required. for rainbow heron, this is not a problem.

tzm has a high thermal conductivity -140 w/mk, and it has excellent high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. if high material hardness is required, we can further harden the tzm through a proprietary process.

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