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tungsten and molybdenum wire division

2021-07-31 08:09:38


on july 10th, in order to deepen the mutual understanding of the technical backbone and improve the combat effectiveness of the technical team, tungsten and molybdenum wire material division held the 2021 summer team building activity with the theme of "science and technology is the primary productivity".

a total of 42 people participated in this activity, including technical personnel from tungsten wire department 1, tungsten wire department 2, molybdenum wire department and mold department, domestic and overseas marketing representatives, as well as business department leaders.

although the summer heat, but did not affect the excitement of everyone. at 9:30, they set off for the mountains, up the gorge upstream, and after a four-hour trek to the destination to bury the pot and cook. we not only experienced the original and exciting activities, but also developed a good sense of tacit understanding and teamwork in the process of joining hands. no one was left behind during the whole process.

at the same time, a spiritual feast is also being staged. small partners around the "how to make science and technology quickly into productivity" the theme of their own views, we put forward a lot of sincere ideas and suggestions on technical exchange, technical training, working methods, equipment advancement, technical professionalism, talent echelon construction.

in order to put technology into practice as the first productive force, mr. wei, general manager of the business division, put forward three suggestions for technical personnel:

first of all, in order to ensure the stability of product quality, production and technology can not be separated too much, technical personnel should be properly responsible for cross-border, to ensure the implementation of the process and many details.

secondly, technical personnel must go to the site, discover problems and quickly solve problems, nip problems in the bud, beware of the deterioration of the situation, after the cost will be higher.

finally, under the premise of ensuring the stable quality of the production line, do more projects, product development, quality improvement and promotion, no matter how big or small the project, carefully handle everything, accumulated is an immeasurable wealth.

at the same time, general wei warned everyone that in the way of doing things, we should have the concept of cost and time, we should have the boundary, not the internal volume, we can not put the main energy on the packaging of the project, but we should have the actual results.

the tungsten and molybdenum wire division, after several years of adjustment, has reduced the share of lighting from 89% to 18%. tungsten wire through the trough, start climbing again; molybdenum wire continues to grow, development is unstoppable, tungsten, molybdenum wire material two-wheel drive, the development of the business division will be a higher level.

under the idea of "making progress while maintaining stability and seeking new development", the division will continue to deeply cultivate the tungsten and molybdenum wire material market and maintain the market leader position in traditional products. with continuous innovation in new materials and new uses, the company has achieved a historic breakthrough in sales volume and become an aircraft carrier in the tungsten and molybdenum wire industry.

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