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memorabilia of rainbow heron 2021

2022-01-17 15:24:53

1. high-quality development, tungsten and molybdenum go hand in hand, wire-cut molybdenum wire sales exceed 2 million km, and fine tungsten wire returns to 10 million km;

2. the project of 20 million km of thin tungsten wire was launched

3. the product structure has been successfully adjusted, and the proportion of traditional lighting has dropped from 88% to less than 10%.

4. the cantilever probe tungsten wire material is used for semiconductor packaging and testing instead of imported to solve the problem of stuck neck, and the finished probe is gradually mass-produced.

5. developed high-strength tungsten wire >6000mpa, making it possible for tungsten wire to be the "king of strength" in the metal material industry.

6. honglu’s revenue exceeded the 1 billion mark

7. the foundation stone was laid for tianxiang phase ii construction project

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