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xiamen honglu trade union was awarded the title of

2016-03-14 16:49:15

on the morning of march 4, 2016, the annual mobilization meeting for the promotion of the three-year action plan for grass-roots infrastructure construction of xiamen city trade union was held in the multi-functional hall on the first floor of xiamen federation of trade unions. leaders such as party secretary and executive vice chairman chen yonghong attended the meeting, and xiamen honglu trade union was awarded the title of "five-star home of workers" at the meeting.

in recent years, xiamen honglu trade union, under the careful guidance and strong support of the municipal federation of trade unions and the industry working committee, has actively implemented the "standard year" work arrangements for grass-roots infrastructure construction, further promoted democratic management around the company's work priorities, and improved various aspects of the trade union. system, conscientiously perform the functions of the trade union, promote the construction of the trade union itself, enhance the cohesion and influence of the trade union, do practical things for the company's trade union members, and gradually bring the trade union organization into play. the legitimate rights and interests of employees have made positive contributions.

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