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lin li, deputy director of fujian state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, and

2017-05-17 16:51:01

 on the morning of may 17, 2017, lin li, deputy director of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of fujian province, led a group of 5 people, accompanied by zhang ling, deputy secretary of the party group and secretary of the disciplinary committee of the provincial metallurgical (holdings) co., ltd. and zhuang zhigang, secretary of the xiamen tungsten industry party committee. xiamen jinlu tong'an tool production workshop, xiamen honglu tungsten wire raw workshop and tungsten and molybdenum product workshop, a subsidiary of the industry holding company, investigated the grassroots party building and the production and operation of the company, and held an on-site research symposium.

   at the symposium, zhuang zhigang reported the recent production and operation of xiamen tungsten, the work of party building and the training of talents in the training college. deputy director lin li and his entourage listened to the report carefully and fully affirmed the achievements of xiamen tungsten in technological innovation and talent team building. deputy director lin li put forward three requirements for xiamen tungsten: first, to further leverage the advantages of technological innovation, increase the development of deep processing products, become stronger, bigger and better, and strive to become a world-class enterprise; second, to strengthen the construction of talent teams, innovate the employment mechanism to provide talent guarantee for the sustainable development of the enterprise; the third is to deepen the two studies and one practice, and implement comprehensive and strict governance of the party. the xiamen tungsten party committee should further innovate the working mechanism of party building 133, and explore the party building integration mechanism of state-owned relatively controlled listed companies under the new situation; it should strengthen system construction, promote the effective operation of internal control, and prevent corporate risks; it should strengthen supervision and put discipline and rules in the front. , the pressure is transmitted layer by layer, and the comprehensive and strict governance of the party is implemented.

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