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xiamen honglu is the first supplier to be exempted from inspection

2016-02-26 16:52:11

on february 26, 2016, xiamen honglu received a distinguished guest from lumileds. the purpose of this visit to xiamen honglu is to deepen understanding and in-depth cooperation with xiamen honglu, and lay a more solid foundation for future common development.

liangrui technology (hubei) co., ltd. (formerly philips automotive lighting hubei co., ltd.), a subsidiary of lumileds, awarded honglu a plaque of "supplier exemption from inspection qualification" to fully recognize honglu's efforts in the cooperation between the two parties. on the basis of ensuring the continuous and stable supply of tungsten wire for automotive lamps for many years, honglu started the high-quality molybdenum project in 2014, obtained the qualification of a qualified supplier of this category in 2015, and at the end of the same year, with the "94%a" excellent the grades passed the vda6.3 review successfully. with its beautiful performance, xiamen honglu has become the first domestic supplier of liangrui technology to be granted inspection-free qualifications. this is a great honor for honglu in the field of auto parts supply, and it is a powerful testimony to the company's continuous improvement of corporate management and product quality.

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