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provincial metallurgical control leaders visited xiamen honglu for investigation

2019-04-11 16:50:29

on the afternoon of april 10, xu jisong, deputy general manager of provincial metallurgical holding company, and lin hongtao, director of general business department, visited xiamen honglu for investigation. ke fusheng, deputy general manager of the company, zhao huaiming, manager of the first tungsten wire, and yao shuli, manager of the enterprise management department, accompanied the investigation.

after a careful visit, xu jisong, deputy general manager of the provincial metallurgical holding company, fully affirmed xiamen honglu's production capacity and the achievements of the company's leap-forward transformation, and pointed out that while paying attention to its own transformation and development, the company should continuing to make a fuss about reducing production costs, technological innovation, and environmental protection management, and striving for new peaks in various tasks, he encouraged xiamen honglu to "remain true to the original intention and keep in mind the mission", and forge ahead to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.


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