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xiamen honglu was awarded the

2019-08-14 14:09:15

from may 7th to 8th, 2019, xingyuan certification center was entrusted by china national nuclear corporation to conduct a two-day evaluation and audit of qualified suppliers in xiamen honglu. three experts formed an audit team. in accordance with relevant regulations such as "business requirements" and "qualified supplier judgment rules", a comprehensive review of the company's basic conditions, product quality and technical capabilities, quality assurance capabilities, and business capabilities was conducted, and the first time during the audit process was with department leaders and department leaders. the main person in charge communicated and assisted in rectification and improvement, and put forward valuable opinions on the follow-up improvement of our company. this time, our company successfully passed the review and obtained the "china national nuclear corporation qualified supplier certificate", which is an important step for the company's products to enter the field of nuclear power, and lays the foundation for the company's business expansion in the field of nuclear applications. the company will take this opportunity to speed up the application of products in the nuclear field.

       china national nuclear corporation, referred to as china national nuclear corporation, is an important state-owned backbone enterprise funded by the chinese state, approved by the state council and directly managed by the central government. as the main body of the national nuclear technology industry, it has a complete nuclear technology industry system and is a national strategy. the core of the nuclear force and the main force of the country's nuclear energy development and nuclear power construction shoulders the dual historical mission of national defense construction and national economic and social development.

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