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what we have to say about masks

2020-05-25 14:07:23

shortly after the start of 2020, the epidemic brought "mask mask" to the hot search, and the three-layer thin protective cover became the most in-demand "hard currency". on may 7th, our company received the last batch of international masks that lasted nearly 3 months and "traveled across the ocean". you may not know the story behind these batches of masks, so let's talk about the things behind us and the masks...

at the beginning of the new year, the new crown pneumonia virus was raging. at the most critical stage of the epidemic in china, at the most critical moment of honglu epidemic prevention and control, friendly companies from various countries extended an eager helping hand in time to us, or donated masks or helped purchase. epidemic prevention materials. among them, there are many touching moments, such as mobilizing company employees to run through pharmacies to "sweep goods" in the snow, and carrying 5,000 masks to "retrograde" and fly over 7,113 kilometers for "human flesh distribution", etc. in the face of the shortage of masks and the obstruction of logistics, batches of international masks passed through various barriers and were delivered to us in time, helping us to survive the most difficult first month of february. these hardships will always be remembered in our hearts.

"vote for me with mu tao, and repay it with qiong yao". entering march, china's epidemic prevention and control continued to improve, but the globalization trend of the epidemic is still severe. as the epidemic spreads around the world, many international friendly companies have a large gap in epidemic prevention materials, and the safety of international friends affects hongkong at all times. heron's heart. to this end, we have done our best to work in various ways and actively raised "anti-epidemic" materials. a total of 11,312 masks and 68 germicidal lamps have been raised and sent to domestic and foreign friendly enterprises; we have helped domestic small and medium-sized friendly enterprises to resume work and production, and expressed their gratitude to international friendly enterprises. we have expressed our concern and support for fighting against the epidemic and tide over the difficulties together, striving for a win-win situation in epidemic prevention and control and performance.

"anything you can do with your strength is invincible; what you do with your wisdom is everything." the situation is severe and mutual assistance is precious. in the joint fight against the epidemic, the friendship between xiamen honglu and friendly companies has been strengthened. sublimation.

the epidemic is not over yet. our strength to help each other and help each other will surely dispel the haze of the epidemic, usher in a normal life and production order, and inject new energy into the building of a community with a shared future for mankind!

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