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wire cutting top diners - you use molybdenum wire, it should be more cultural

2020-06-16 14:06:40

china is a big country of food. the chinese have been known for being able to eat, knowing how to eat, good at eating, and daring to eat since ancient times. eating has long been out of the role of starvation, and it seems to have become the carrier of "culture", not only to fill the stomach, but also an extension of self-cultivation. china has never been short of delicious food, let alone top diners who are good at discovering delicious food.

high-end ingredients are the core of making delicious food. the most simple cooking methods are used, supplemented by just the right craftsmanship and precise heat, so that the taste is perfect for adults. this is true of food, and the same is true of molybdenum wire.

molybdenum, originally a gift from nature, adopts the most simple rolling, forging, drawing and other processes, supplemented by the control of the quality assurance system, intelligent equipment and just the right temperature, and then injects the rigorous ingenuity of inheritance, it becomes a high-quality molybdenum wire .

xiamen, located on the southeastern coast of china, is a coastal city where enthusiasm and creativity collide; here, there is an invisible champion in the tungsten and molybdenum wire industry - xiamen honglu tungsten and molybdenum industry co., ltd., which not only has the most complete industrial chain, but also has the most professional and a comprehensive manufacturing line, production technology and r & d system.

ammonium molybdate is the raw material for making molybdenum wire. more uniform particle distribution and cleaner removal of impurities are the key to making high-quality molybdenum wire. ammonium molybdate produced by ion exchange method as the world's leading technology can best meet this requirement.

xiamen tungsten industry co., ltd. uses the ion exchange method to produce ammonium molybdate, which is different from the classic method of other companies, so as to better ensure the purity of the raw materials and become an ideal processing raw material for high-quality molybdenum wire.


ammonium molybdate - classical method             ammonium molybdate-ion exchange method

                   after reduction, doping, pressing and sintering, the molybdenum billet can be generated.

the original diameter of the molybdenum billet is φ70mm, as thick as a big arm, and the weight of a single piece reaches 25 kilograms. wire, the realization of this technology mainly relies on the large rolling mill production line independently developed by honglu, and this production line is a unique production line in china and even in asia, which also makes the "honglu" molybdenum wire unique .

this technology of large deformation and rapid rolling and forging maximizes the density of molybdenum structure and the larger aspect ratio of molybdenum grains, thus making molybdenum wire more tough, less likely to break, and more wear-resistant.

retaining the purest quality of metal molybdenum and continuing to strengthen it establishes the highest starting line for subsequent processing. this is the greatest tribute to the gifts of nature.

the preliminarily formed wire will be sent to the next production line for repeated forging and drawing.

the forming of molybdenum wire is not achieved overnight, and its manufacturing process is rigorous and clear; after annealing, forging and repeated drawing, the diameter gradually becomes smaller. in this way, i worked hard, stretched step by step, and moved towards the target diameter little by little. the manufacturing process of molybdenum wire is not difficult for operators. with excellent on-site management, precise process control, and perfect quality assurance system, the masters do not have much to do. press the start and end keys, and leave the rest to the intelligent manufacturing system. through the accumulation of time, molybdenum is stored in nature in its most primitive form; the processing of molybdenum wire should also be completed by time, all we have to do is wait patiently.

in the final product drawing stage, it is the stage of full firepower. at this time, the rotating speed of the equipment is extremely high, and the wire diameter is slender. this is also the time to test the results of the molybdenum wire manufacturing process. it is still an automated production line, and it is still handed over to time. the skilled craftsmanship has given us great confidence. we believe that this natural gift can be used by us, and we can make the ideal products in our hearts. with this confidence, we watched the automatic start and stop of equipment, temperature adjustment feedback, online laser diameter measurement, and automatic circulation of lubricating fluid, knowing that the ideal products will be automatically listed and presented in batches!

of course, self-confidence is a good thing, and so is humility to honor the gifts of nature. after the finished product is produced, we send the molybdenum wire to the quality control department. the quality control department is like a "cooker" who strictly controls the taste of food before it is placed on the table, and is responsible for the taste buds of every diners.

with the double blessing of technology and equipment, we can see and inspect each batch of finished molybdenum wire more intuitively and clearly, show natural beauty with technology, and prove the confidence in our chest with facts.

before and after the diners enjoy the food, they will not miss any opportunity to communicate, and in the data of thousands of "tastes", jointly find and conceive the possibility of molybdenum wire evolution, and set the direction for the next "delicious" .

today, molybdenum wire, as one of the most important tools for wire cutting, is not only a consumable, but also an industrial culture and pursuit.

wire cutting is not just a simple processing, but also a kind of art and taste. a well-matched tool is also a fusion of art and culture to achieve the pursuit of higher taste; just like the perfect fit between top diners and the best taste in the world. honglu is willing to provide the top diners in the wire cutting industry who make good use of, know how to use, and love to use the best delicious food.

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