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tungsten & molybdenum components for hip

hl rely on xtc industry chain, from the mine began to strictly control the quality of products, can provide you with tailored products.

at present in the aerospace, automotive turbo and other fields, the parts of high temperature, fatigue strength, compressive strength and other requirements are getting higher and higher. hip is designed to enhance the density and fatigue strength. hongluo hip parts insister to the most difficult environment in honing their own, according to customer requirements customized high temperature, large size products, the maximum temperature of 2800 ℃. working hard and create a greater value for you.

based on the deep understanding of w&m materials from the powder, we can provide you with high purity tungsten and a variety of tungsten alloy products, but also to provide you with the ideal molybdenum and a variety of molybdenum alloy products. adding la to tungsten can improve the processability of the material. adding la to molybdenum can improve the high temperature performance of the product

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