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about us
  • ● xiamen honglu successfully passed the certification of “qualified supplier for china national nuclear corporation”, an important step in entering nuclear power field.
  • ● in 2018, xiamen honglu completed the molybdenum wire capacity expansion project, and now, its yearly molybdenum wire production capacity is 1100 tons.
  • ● xiamen honglu successfully passed the certification of “occupational health and safety management system ohsas 18001”. in the same year, national standard gb/t 4182-2017 molybdenum wire, in which xiamen honglu acted as the first drafting unit responsible for drafting and compiling it, was officially released.
  • ● in 2016, product business unit reform of xtc started. xiamen honglu was responsible for the integration of “three hong”, aiming to increase the overall sales revenue and operation performance, and to realize the smooth production, logistics and technology management.
  • ● in 2013, components project team was unveiled in tianxiang plant, which kicked off the massive production of tungsten and molybdenum components in xiamen honglu.
  • ● in 2012, under the leadership of erp project team of xtc, erp system of xiamen honglu was successfully launched by the end of the year, after one-year efforts.
  • ● in 2011, xiamen honglu continued to improve the quality management system, to deepen the promotion of comprehensive quality management, and to further carry forward the salary system reform
  • ● in 2010, xiamen honglu passed the quality management certification of iso/ts16949:2009, - highest level, top rank, and most authoritative quality management standard in automotive industry. xiamen honglu is also the first of its kind in china.
  • ● in 2009, xiamen honglu brought out the company’s vision “to be an international, leading, professional tungsten/molybdenum and other powder metallurgical products supplier”
  • ● in 2008, xiamen honglu was awarded “xiamen intellectual property pilot enterprises no.6 batch”, and got the certificate of “new high-tech enterprise ”issued jointly by xiamen science and technology bureau, xiamen finance bureau, xiamen local taxation bureau and state taxation administration, xiamen branch.
  • ● in 2007, xiamen honglu passed the certification of iso 14001, and was the first of its kind in china.
  • ● in 2006, xiamen tungsten materials engineering and technology research center, which xiamen honglu participated in its setup, was assessed and rated as “national enterprise technology center” by ministry of science and technology and other four ministries and commissions.
  • ● in 2005, xiamen industrial base with tungsten materials characteristics was approved by ministry of science and technology of p.r. of china. xiamen honglu was one of the three key members of this base.
  • ● at the end of 2004, special tungsten alloy wire production line with yearly capacity of 600 tons was put into production in jimei tianfeng plant. annual capacity of heavy tungsten wire in xiamen honglu reached 1500 tons. meanwhile, applications of products were extended from lighting fields to non-lighting fields.
  • ● in 2003, municipal enterprise technology center of xiamen honglu was upgraded to “provincial enterprise technology center”. in the same year, the company signed the agreement with metal research institute of chinese academy of sciences to set up “rare metal processing laboratory”. as approved by ministry of personnel, the only “post doctoral programme”in chinese tungsten and molybdenum industry was established in xiamen honglu.
  • ● in 2002, enterprise technology center of xiamen honglu was rated as “xiamen municipal enterprise technology center”. self-developed two-roll continuous rolling mill with piece weight of 25kgs was put into production.
  • ● in 2001, xiamen honglu set up its “enterprise technology center” on the basis of its technical
  • ● in 1999, tungsten wire with honglu brand firstly entered into the supply chain of ge hungary, symbolizing chinese tungsten wire officially stepped out of the country.
  • ● in 1998, xiamen honglu successfully developed the first 3kg-tungsten-ingot sintering furnace in china by herself. in the same year, quality system iso9002 was certified by det norske veritas (dnv)and china import and export commodity quality certification center (ccib).
  • ● in september, 1996, opening ceremony of jimei liansheng plant, the 2nd phase of xiamen honglu, was held. the company realized the independent production from apt powder to fine wire.
  • ● in may, 1995, taegutec. ltd. made capital contribution to xiamen honglu. registered capital and total investment value were increased to usd 7,000,000 and usd 10,000,000 respectively.
  • ● in september, 1992, xiamen honglu tungsten molybdenum industry co., ltd was established with registered capital of rmb 5,600,000 and total investment value of rmb 8,000,000.