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tungsten powder

tungsten powder, obtained by high temperature reaction, determines the performance and quality of tungsten product. its composition and particle size are vital to the downstream products. after thirty years, xiamen tungsten co., ltd. builds a complete industrial chain from tungsten mines, smelting, deep processing to the recovery of secondary tungsten resources, and becomes the global leader in the tungsten industry. tungsten products of xiamen honglu, as an important part of xtc industry chain, start and grow up from the powder, which differentiate xiamen honglu’s products from others.

with the advantage of xtc tungsten industry chain, the company closely connects with the upstream enterprises in production, management, technology and quality to ensure a high starting point for raw materials, and produces various kinds of high quality tungsten powder with quality ammonium paratungstate as raw material. with many years’ experience in tungsten processing industry, the company has accumulated abundant tungsten powder preparation processes, and owns a variety of tungsten powder production, r&d equipment. tungsten powder could be tailor-made according to the requirements of different clients.

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