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molybdenum electrodes for glass melting

molybdenum electrode is widely used in the manufacture of daily glass, optical glass, insulation materials, glass fiber and other fields. molybdenum electrode is mainly used in the glass melting process, in the glass furnace as a heating element, by the internal direct heating, greatly improve the thermal efficiency, strengthen the convection of glass, thereby improving the glass melting rate and melting quality. the most critical is the use of green power heating glass, greatly reducing the fuel combustion of pm2.5 particulate matter on the atmosphere of pollution, so that the earth is more environmentally friendly, and the world is more fresh, the benefit of society.

high purity guarantee

we have a complete production chain from mine to molybdenum powder to finished product processing, which ensures that the molybdenum electrode does not contain any other impurities, thereby preventing discoloration of the glass or the generation of glass bubbles.

anti-oxidation and corrosion protection

molybdenum electrode is the most important part in the glass furnace, we developed the "coated" molybdenum electrode, with strong "antioxidant" and "corrosion resistance" ability, so the molybdenum electrode has a "long life" greatly improve the glass furnace to replace the molybdenum electrode, thereby enhancing the life of the furnace.

specifications and density

purity: 10.15 g/cm3

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