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tungsten & tungsten-alloy sputtering target

the sputtering target is the target material of high-speed charged particle bombardment. different film systems can be obtained by changing different target materials such as aluminum, copper, tantalum, titanium, tungsten, etc.


high purity materialhigh density tungsten target

in semiconductor industry, tungsten thin films are mainly utilized as a material for constituting electronic parts such as a gate electrode or the wiring material. demand of these electronic parts for high-integration, high-reliability, high-functional performance, high-speed processing has been increased. to meet the above demand, tungsten is a notable material among the metals proposed for these electronic parts, thanks to its low electrical resistance and high heat resistance. tungsten films can be deposited by physical vapor deposition (pvd) through sputtering of a high purity and high density tungsten target.


tungsten titanium target

tungsten-titanium (wti) films are known to act as the effective diffusion barrier between al and si in semiconductor and photovoltaic cells industry. wti films are typically deposited as thin films by physical vapor deposition (pvd) through sputtering of a wti alloy target. it is desirable to produce a target that will provide film uniformity, minimum particle generation during sputtering, and desired electrical properties. in order to meet the reliability requirements for diffusion barriers of complex integrated circuits, the wti alloy target must have high purity and high density.

tungsten silicon target

wsi films are known to act as the ohmic contact layer at gate electrode in semiconductor application, especially in dynamic random access memory (dram) manufacturing, which are deposited by physical vapor deposition (pvd) through sputtering of a tungsten silicide target. tungsten silicide targets used in semiconductor application have extremely requirements in purity, microstructure control and the quality consistency of target components, which play a crucial role in the performance of thin films. tungsten silicide targets prepared by honglu have the advantages of ultra-high purity (5n), good densification (>99%), uniform microstructure and fine grains.

in addition, xiamen honglu can also provide wni, wc, etc. sputtering target. meanwhile, we can research and development target products according to the actual needs of customers.

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