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significant events in 2021
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1. high-quality development of both tungsten and molybdenum business. sales volume of moly wire for wedm application surpassed 2 billion meters, and that of fine w wire topped 10 billion meters again.
2launch of project of “fine tungsten wire with annual production capacity of 20 billion meters”
3successfully restructured the product portfolio. proportion of products for traditional lighting was reduced from 88% to below 10%.
4tungsten materials for cantilever probe in ic test can substitute for imported products, which solved stranglehold problems. mass production of ic test probes is realized gradually.
5tungsten wire with tensile strength >6000mpa was developed, which would make it possible for tungsten wire to be the “champion of tensile strength” in the metal material field.
6business revenue exceeded rmb 1,000,000,000 yuan.
7“phase ii of tianxiang project” had its groundbreaking ceremony.