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zhuang zhigang
founder of xiamen honglu tungsten & molybdenum industry co., ltd.

     in the chinese tungsten market in the late 1980s, tungsten ore and primary raw materials were frequently sold and exported in large quantities, and then fine tungsten wires were imported at hundreds of times higher prices. to reverse the passive situation, china must take the road of tungsten intensive processing and development, and realize premier zhou enlais wish to "reverse the situation of chinas tungsten sand export and tungsten wire import" during his lifetime.
    in 1992, zhuang zhigang led a team to establish xiamen honglu tungsten and molybdenum industry co., ltd. with the mission of "tungsten and molybdenum science and technology win glory for the country", he led the team to build a unique way, starting from nothing, from small to large, breaking the foreign technology blockade, and integrating the most advanced equipment resources in the world by means of "big platter". featured honglu tungsten wire production line. the export of honglus first fine tungsten wire has completely rewritten the history of chinas only fine tungsten wire being imported but not exported, and it has established honglus position as a leader in the tungsten wire industry.
    in 2003, zhuang zhigang forward-looking predicted that traditional lighting would face great challenges, and decided to develop molybdenum deep-processing wire cutting wire. he independently developed the worlds first 25kg two-roll molybdenum continuous rolling production line in cooperation with universities. this creatively broke the traditional rotary forging process in the molybdenum processing industry, filled the domestic blank molybdenum processing gap, and accelerated the domestic molybdenum processing level. feiyue won the first prize of fujian science and technology progress, laying a solid foundation for the development of honglu wire-cut molybdenum wire.
    honglu people adhere to the core values of "unity, struggle, innovation, and high efficiency", unremitting struggle, forge ahead, hardships, and success. "honglu" brand wire-cut molybdenum wire continues the legend of tungsten wire, successfully reaching the top and enjoying a worldwide reputation. so far, honglus tungsten and molybdenum wire materials have achieved the worlds first double-material champion in terms of production and sales.
    the tide is flat and broad on both sides, and the wind is hanging. in the past 29 years, honglu people have kept in mind and practiced the business philosophy of "creating higher value for customers" put forward by the founder, and have not forgotten their original aspirations. they have gone through trials and hardships with partners, supported each other, grew together, and achieved a win-win situation!