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ipd product development process fully implemented
from: time:2021/1/15 13:02:36 hits:6082

with the strong promotion of xtc group, the company started to comprehensively promote the ipd product development process in june 2019. based on the principle of simplification and optimization, combined with the companys current management mechanism, through many times of co creation, the ipd product development process suitable for honglu company was finally developed, which lays a solid foundation where the projects make smooth progress.

        combining with the management logic of ipd, in 2020, we strictly controlled the "project approval" and guide the reviewers to identify the most valuable opportunities among the numerous market opportunities for investment. the technology management department shall organize and hold the offline review meeting, and set up 7 review members to comprehensively demonstrate the new product development project from three aspects of "market", "technology" and "cost", so as to ensure the effectiveness of the companys resource investment.

        in addition to "project approval", proper control of project process can not be ignored. the technology management department has organized many times of co creation to work together in order to match various activities in the ipd product development process into daily work, identify and distinguish "core" documents and "auxiliary" documents in each stage, and conduct audit with milestone as the node, so as to ensure that the project process is under control and reduce the burden for the project manager in the meantime.

        in september 2020, product development process of ipd has been fully launched on the bronze platform.

        by the end of 2020, 21 projects of honglu have applied for the achievement award of technological innovation projects. after the evaluation of the project management committee, a total of 2 first prizes, 2 second prizes, 1 third prize, 5 fourth prizes and several encouragement prizes have been selected. through financial accounting, the company has created benefits of about 14.5 million yuan this year.