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automotive lamp – light up your car
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do you know how many types of lamps are on a car?

do you know the manufacturers of the lamps on your beloved car?

perhaps, the brand of tungsten wire and molybdenum wire used in automotive lamps is xiamen honglu. 

1. automotive headlights

it is often said that the engine is the heart of the car and the headlights are the eyes of the car. the shape of the headlight affects the appearance of the car, and the bright light also provides the car owner with driving safety.

halogen lamp is a classic in car headlights. as early as 1960, the halogen lamp that was first used in automobiles was taken as an upgraded version of the incandescent lamp. with the use of halogen elements, the brightness of the incandescent lamp can be increased by 1.5 times, and the life span is at least twice that of ordinary incandescent lamps. the first model equipped with h4 halogen lamps was the mercedes-benz 350sl.

photo 1. mercedes-benz 350sl firstly equipped with h4 halogen lamp

the automotive headlights manufacturers have undoubtedly the highest requirements for upstream suppliers’ corporate management and product quality. starting from planning to enter global automotive headlights market, the concept of "zero defect" has always been in the mind of every honglu people. pay attention to the details and well redraw every wire are the request of honglu people for themselves.

 for better management and consolidation, xiamen honglu established “superior wire production lines for automotive lamp” which focus on the production of tungsten wire and molybdenum wire for automotive lamp.  in 2015,  xiamen honglu’s “superior wire production lines for automotive lamp”passed the vda 6.3 audit with a high score of 91, conducted by a leading international company. 

picture 2. vda 6.3 audit result of “superior wire production lines for automotive lamp”in 2015

with the improvement of management and break-through of technology, products of xiamen honglu were released by customer successively since 2016. now, xiamen honglu has become a regular supplier of tungsten wire and molybdenum wire for international car headlights manufacturers. 

2. automotive signal lights

as the elves of the car, the signal lights are small and delicate. the signal light can make other road users at a certain distance clearly recognize the light signal. there are various types of signal lights, including position lights, brake lights, turn lights, rear fog lights, outline marker lights, stop lights, etc. in 1938, the buick manufacturer provided turn lights as an optional accessory, ushering in a new era for automotive signal lights.

xiamen honglu has been in automotive signal lights market for more than 10 years. its tungsten wires are used in all types of signal lights. as a regular supplier of tungsten wire for signal lights, its product quality and innovative level are recognized and praised by customers. in 2019, sales volume of tungsten wire for signal lights reached 448 million meters. 

every kind of lamp on the car tells a glorious development history behind it, and each change shows the wisdom of different times. “promoting development, maintaining profit, valuing management, and stimulating vitality” is the policy of xiamen honglu. standing on the heavy accumulation left by ancestors, we enjoy the convenience brought by the development of society. at the same time, in our ordinary and tiny job post, we should work hard, be creative and pursue excellence.