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spinning forming technology, thinner than thinner
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the spinning technology combines the technological characteristics of forging, extrusion, stretching, bending, and rolling including ring rolling, cross rolling, as well as advanced processing technology with little or no cutting, and which is widely used in the processing the forming of rotating parts.

spinning forming is an advanced plastic forming processing method that can meet the requirements of the production of thin-walled crucibles.

according to the plastic characteristics of the material, xiamen honglu installs the billet on the mandrel mold, selects reasonable spinning process parameters, and feeds the mandrel mold relatively continuously through the spinning tool, and applies deformation pressure to the very small part of the work piece in turn to make the billet is pressed and deformed continuously point by point and gradually formed in the end.

because the crystal grains are stretched under pressure, the physical properties of the spinning crucible have been further improved, and the strength is higher; in addition to the use of integral forming and full densification processing, the spinning crucible produced by honglu has excellent resistance to high temperature deformation and does not deform under high temperature. therefore,  so it can be used for contain high-temperature materials to be processed.