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molybdenum - one of the important elements that constitute life and the world

2020-09-17 15:25:33

1. molybdenum - element

name: molybdenum

element notation: (mo)

element number: 42

elemental mass: 95.94

chemical properties: it will not be corroded by air at room temperature, and it will not react with hydrochloric acid or hydrofluoric acid.

physical properties: silver-white metal, hard and tough. density 10.2 g/cm3. melting point 2610 ℃. boiling point 5560 ℃. the valences are 2, 4, and 6, and the stable valence is 6. the first ionization energy is 7.099 electron volts.

2. molybdenum - life

the discovery of molybdenum is due to the lush green grass in new zealand. it has been found that molybdenum is one of the seven micronutrients required for plant growth and development. in molybdenum-deficient soil, adding some molybdenum fertilizer properly can increase the nitrogen fixation ability of crops, make crops grow better and increase yield.

in addition, molybdenum is an essential micronutrient for animals, plants and humans. molybdenum is an important component of nitrogenase, nitrate reductase, xanthine oxidase, sulfite oxidase and other enzymes, and participates in and affects various metabolic processes in animals.

3. molybdenum - human

the effect of molybdenum on humans

the content of molybdenum in the human body is very small, accounting for only one ten millionth of the body weight. although the content of molybdenum is very small, it has an important role in human life that cannot be ignored. it is now known that human heart muscle contains a high proportion of molybdenum, and molybdenum and some enzymes together maintain the energy metabolism of the heart muscle. someone analyzed the hearts of dozens of people who died of myocardial infarction and found that their molybdenum content was lower than that of healthy people. this shows that the amount of molybdenum in the human body directly affects the function of the cardiovascular system, and it also shows that molybdenum has a special role in maintaining the normal function of the heart.

in recent years, studies have found that molybdenum can also interrupt the synthesis of nitrosamines strong carcinogens in the human body, thereby preventing cancer. properly increasing the content of molybdenum in the human body can not only reduce or eliminate digestive tract cancer, but also improve blood circulation and prevent hypochromic anemia.

experts also found that molybdenum has obvious anti-caries effect. in some molybdenum-deficient areas or people with molybdenum absorption disorders, the incidence of dental caries in children is very high. once the intake of molybdenum is increased, it can play a significant role in preventing caries. to this end, it was suggested to produce molybdenum-containing toothpaste to open up a new way to prevent and treat dental caries.

other benefits

· molybdenum is an indispensable trace element for the formation of uric acid.

· molybdenum is an important component of various enzymes. it is involved in the utilization of iron in the human body, which can prevent anemia, promote development, and help the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

· maintain myocardial energy metabolism and prevent keshan disease.

· maintain arterial elasticity and prevent cardiovascular disease.

· maintain human immune function.

· regulates the thyroid gland.

· prevent dental caries, kidney stones and cancer etc.

· molybdenum is an important component of the iris of the eye.

· prevention of some rare genetic diseases.

molybdenum supplementation program

adults generally need 0.15 to 0.3 mg of molybdenum per day. since molybdenum is widely present in food, such as chrysanthemum, wheat, beans, milk, eggs, pork and honey all contain molybdenum, and the human body has a very low requirement for molybdenum, so there is generally no shortage of molybdenum. molybdenum.

some people are deficient in molybdenum. in addition to considering environmental or dietary factors, they should also pay attention to the absorption and utilization of molybdenum by the human body itself. for example, in patients with molybdenum deficiency due to gastrointestinal dysfunction, the diagnosis and treatment of the primary disease and its etiology should be strengthened while supplementing the molybdenum-containing diet. you can eat more foods rich in molybdenum to increase the content of molybdenum in the human body. anyone who talks about harm without talking about doses is a hooligan. although molybdenum is a "heavy metal" by definition, it is far from reaching the risk standard in consumer products and daily necessities that are exposed to in daily life. therefore, molybdenum is not a beast, but only one of the important elements that constitute our life and the world.

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