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warm congratulations to our company for being recognized as a high-tech enterprise

2020-10-30 08:47:08

recently, the national high-tech enterprise recognition management work network announced the "first list of high-tech enterprises to be recognized in xiamen in 2020", which is a major development achievement achieved by the company's adherence to technology-led and innovation-driven . the achievement of this achievement is not only a powerful interpretation of the company's long-term adherence to technological innovation, but also represents that the company has the scientific and technological research and development strength of independent innovation.

since its establishment, the company has closely relied on technological innovation and technological progress to promote enterprise development, and has continuously improved the added value, technological content and market share of products through equipment automation, production refinement, and keeping up with international cutting-edge technologies. in addition, the company has an independent technology research center, a post-doctoral research station, a number of high-quality technological innovation teams and advanced equipment, and has long-term cooperation with well-known national research institutes, colleges and universities and multinational companies to steadily promote products. development and innovation, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and the ability of sustainable development.

the following is the public notice document of the "notice on publicizing the list of the first batch of high-tech enterprises to be recognized in xiamen in 2020".

the company is recognized as a high-tech enterprise, which not only affirms the company's technological innovation and technical strength, but also provides a good external environment and conditions for the company's development. as a high-tech enterprise, while enjoying various preferential policies, the company will pay more attention to technological innovation, management innovation and service innovation, relying on high-tech, large-scale operation and scientific management to improve the company's ability to resist risks, thereby further enhancing the company's core competitiveness in the market , to contribute to the cause of tungsten and molybdenum wire and tungsten and molybdenum products in my country.

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