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successfully completed the audit work of cqc to the company

2021-04-14 08:12:21

from march 22 to 26, 8 audit teachers from china quality certification center (cqc) came to our company to audit the company's management system standards, and 5 audit teachers conducted 3-day iso9001:2015, ios1400:20151 and iso45001 audits : 2018 annual supervision audit, 3 teachers conducted a 5-day iso50001:2018 re-certification audit.

with the strong support and cooperation of company leaders, various departments and jurors, the audit work was successfully completed as planned. in the final audit meeting held on the afternoon of march 26, the audit teacher spoke highly of the company's system management work: the company's operation meets the requirements of the standards iso9001:2015, ios1400:20151, iso45001:2018, iso50001:2018, the company the management of quality, environment, occupational health and safety and energy systems is adequate, appropriate and effective.

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