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honglu refined molybdenum products for glass furnace

2021-05-31 09:01:32

glass melting furnace requires two molybdenum products

one is the glass melting electrode, which acts as a heater to transfer heat into the glass melt and provide the heat source. in this way, it provides a more uniform temperature rather than heat radiation from the outside world, and also increases the flow of the melt, thereby ensuring the quality of the glass. it is controllable and clean energy and is more efficient than gas burners.

the other is the runner protection of the melting furnace. in fact, refractory bricks are more easily corroded by glass melt than molybdenum, especially in the area of flow holes. that's why more and more glass manufacturers are using molybdenum flakes as armor for flow holes to extend the life of the bricks, which means longer furnaces. as the picture shows, the flow of glass washes this area over and over again, so the throat needs special protection.


it is well known that during startup of a glass melting furnace, the glass is too viscous to flow and cover the molybdenum product, so the molybdenum product is heated in the presence of oxygen and is damaged by oxidation due to poor oxidation resistance.

the purpose of the anti-oxidation coating is to improve the oxidation resistance of mo and prevent mo from being oxidatively damaged during startup.

a scaled-up gme of the actual size of the coating, as we can see in the cross-sectional view of the coating: each layer blends smoothly into each other, the advantage is that the interface between the layers in the coating structure will be eliminated , and provides better resistance to oxidation and in-diffusion of silicon, and no mo oxide layer is formed between the coating and the substrate.

the samples of xiamen honglu coated molybdenum products are as follows:

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