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tungsten and molybdenum wire division

2021-11-15 16:31:57

in september of the old calendar of shiwei, it is upright and cool in three autumns!

the tungsten and molybdenum wire division sounded the second rallying call, and organized the 2021 autumn team building activity on october 23 with the theme of "the scene is the battlefield, go to gemba more!".

a group of management cadres and business leaders from tungsten wire no. 1, tungsten wire department no. 2, molybdenum wire department, mould department, domestic marketing, and overseas marketing department participated in this baizhangya outdoor adventure together.

in the early morning of autumn, accompanied by a few wisps of soft sunlight and a cool breeze, everyone bravely marched towards the destination with the expectation of the adventure and the longing for the journey.

     the road encountered slickstone on the steep slope, avoiding the dangerous bee colony. quietly, the figure of baizhangya waterfall loomed among the bushes. the team quickly accelerated the pace of progress, and in an instant, baizhangya waterfall came into view.

the cliff is more than a hundred feet high, although it is in time for the dry season, it is even more delicate!

continue along the stream, pass through the colored stone valley, and arrive at the picnic site. there is no need to organize and mobilize, and after a spontaneous and orderly busy, the deliciousness will be served.

after lunch, we continued to move forward. although there were difficulties and obstacles along the way, the team that "eats the same pot of rice" never gave up, supported each other, moved towards the same goal, and finally reached the destination.

at 6:30 p.m., an empty bar dinner with the theme of "the scene is the battlefield, go to gemba more!" started with an iam promotional video of xiamen tungsten group's "advanced manufacturing, strong country".

small partners from various departments actively and enthusiastically made speeches on themes such as "the scene is the battlefield", "go to the scene", "on-site management", "lean production", "advanced manufacturing", etc. communicate and share.

wei zongxing, general manager of the tungsten and molybdenum wire business department, said: "partnering" is to eat together. everyone present today eats a pot of rice. during the climbing process, the team helps each other, which reflects the team of the tungsten and molybdenum wire business department. cohesion, and then put forward two expectations:

(1) "go to gemba more" went to the scene, not just literally, but hoped that honglu colleagues would actively come to the scene to find problems and solve them in the form of projects.

(2) seeking progress while maintaining stability, seeking new development: tungsten wire has entered a new runway, it is necessary to achieve stable customer service and seek new progress while maintaining stability!


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