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practicing lean and helping voyage - annual summary meeting of lean management projects

2022-03-14 16:34:19

"dedicated to learning and lofty."

in march 2021, xiamen honglu actively responded to xiamen tungsten's deployment of international advanced manufacturing, and formulated and created a company based on 5s and safety, with talent training and tpm as the two pillars, with the goal of shortening the manufacturing cycle and improving production efficiency. the "lighthouse project" lean production management project.

during the year of lean implementation, more than 1,200 honglu people in different positions have concentrated their efforts, worked hard, and devoted themselves to the lean transformation, adhering to the principle of "making lean popular in honglu and creating higher value for customers" based on the concept of 5s visualization and tpm primary cleaning, layout optimization, quick line change, standard operation, personnel training and other advanced manufacturing projects.

practice lean, help voyage

on march 11, 2022, the annual summary meeting of the lean management project was held on the 3rd floor of honglu homestead as scheduled.

mr. wen xiao, executive deputy director of xiamen tungsten technology center, mr. guo guangyu, general manager of benchmark, mr. ma chenggong, deputy general manager of benchmark, mr. xie boqiu, consultant director and other relevant leaders attended the meeting.

commend advanced

under the leadership of the company's executive committee and the joint efforts of all honglu people, xiamen honglu's lean work has achieved fruitful results. at the meeting, honglu executives commended and rewarded outstanding teams and individuals during the implementation of the 2021 lean project, affirming their contributions to the company's lean transformation.

mr. zhang jianxin, the chief commander of lean promotion, delivered a speech

mr. zhang summed up the progress of xiamen honglu's lean work in 2021 with "creating a lean framework from scratch; igniting a spark with a point of view". "sixteen words, to launch clear requirements for lean work in 2022, and point out the direction for xiamen honglu's future lean management projects.

mr. xie baiqiu, director of benchmark lean consultancy, delivered a speech

mr. xie said that through 12 months of lean promotion and the active participation of honglu colleagues, the honglu lean management project has achieved initial results in four aspects: "performance, site, personnel, and process", and has achieved initial results from the digitization of production lines and the intelligentization of equipment. , supply jit and other aspects to look forward to the lean work of honglu in the next year.

mr. wei zongxing, general manager of tungsten and molybdenum wire division, delivered a speech

mr. wei said that the convening of the lean summary meeting is not the end, but a new beginning, which is a lean road with new hope. i hope that all colleagues of xiamen honglu can take the opportunity of the company's development and use lean tools to learn, work hard and grow together.

mr. huang zhimin, general manager of tungsten and molybdenum products division, delivered a speech

mr. huang shared three aspects: the positioning of the role of an advocate, the pain and joy of the lean process, and the first anniversary of the lean work. he said that lean is the compass of the manufacturing industry. may we encourage each other with "manufacturing is a long way, and lean is always with us"!

ms. li mingqi, general manager of honglu, delivered a speech

mr. li shared around "because i believe, so i see". he believes that the lean management project is the project with the largest number of participants, the highest morale, the best atmosphere, and the most "routines" in honglu so far. integrate lean methods into daily work to help honglu set sail.

mr. wen xiao, executive deputy director of xiamen tungsten technology center, delivered a speech

director wen affirmed honglu's efficient execution, the pragmatic concept of going to the site, and the lean slogan of creating higher value for customers. he spoke highly of the characteristics of honglu's talent training and certification, the comprehensiveness of lean project implementation, and the evaluation system. i wish honglu's lean management project in 2022 to achieve greater progress.

standing at thirty, sailing away

hundreds of horses compete for the flow, and the one who strives is the first. through continuous exploration and practice, honglu builds a lean promotion framework from scratch, and through the establishment of rules and systems, learning, thinking, and understanding, "let lean words and deeds penetrate into every corner".

diligently work hard and go far. in the 30th anniversary of honglu, honglu people will maintain a never-slack mental state and an indomitable attitude of struggle, integrate lean into work, let lean serve work, strive for iam, and realize the dream of "100 billion tungsten"!

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