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xiamen tungsten group held a special work kick-off meeting for internal control

2022-07-21 10:29:07

on may 21, 2012, xiamen tungsten group held a special work kick-off meeting for internal control. chairman liu tonggao, president zhuang zhigang and members of the president's team, the managers of each holding subsidiary branch, the headquarter department managers and the group's internal control special work the members of the project team participated in the meeting, and the relevant personnel of the non-local companies participated in the meeting through video synchronization. shenzhen dibo enterprise risk management technology co., ltd., as a consulting company hired by the group, project director zhang caiyi and project technical director zhu jianfeng gave on-site guidance.

    at the meeting, vice president hong chaoyu, deputy head of the project implementation team, introduced the background of the project launch and informed the preliminary preparations of the project. he emphasized: 1. all units should comprehensively check their own system construction, and check system compilation and form compilation. to find out the deficiencies in the system and the risks in the supervision; 2. seriously think about the construction of xiamen tungsten's management culture, reflect on the problems existing in the group's management and control, and lay a solid foundation for the construction of a unified management culture of xiamen tungsten; erp projects cooperate and coordinate with each other, based on the principle of "strengthening knowledge management and realizing management resource sharing" to prevent "multiple skins and incompatibility"; 4. each unit actively cooperates with the relevant work of the internal control group to ensure that the work objectives are achieved as scheduled. zhang caiyi, the project director of the consulting company, then supplemented the specific situation of the internal control work from the four dimensions of project requirements, project scope, project progress management, and project quality management.

    vice president xu huoyao, deputy head of the implementation team, made a speech on the work ideas and progress of the project. he pointed out that the special work of internal control is a requirement of the csrc for listed companies. the general requirement for this internal control work is to point to the face, comply with the regulations first, and then deepen. in december, the system will be supplemented and improved, and trial operation will be carried out in sample companies and non-sample companies; in the first quarter of next year, the supervision and audit department will submit an internal control implementation review report to the board of directors, and an accounting firm will be hired to conduct a special audit on the implementation of internal control.

    president zhuang zhigang, the leader of the project implementation team, put forward three requirements. the first is to "emancipate the mind and unify the mind". although all units have carried out work related to internal control, this project is a new starting point. the internal control work is a long-term systematic work, and in the work, it is necessary to "do the right thing and not the person"; the second is to "do it really hard", not just to cope with the inspection; the third is to "carefully sort out and grasp the weak points" links” to establish a unified management model for the group, laying the foundation for the rapid expansion of xiamen tungsten.

    finally, chairman liu tonggao put forward some instructions for the development of internal control work: xiamen tungsten has not experienced major business risks in recent years. although there are systems at all levels of the group, they are not comprehensive and unified. the problems in the management and implementation are listed one by one; the internal control construction is mainly to "sort, improve and standardize" the system. it is necessary to comprehensively sort out the system, improve the missing ones, and simplify the repeated ones. time to realize the unification and improvement of the management system of xiamen tungsten group; the construction of internal control is not only for the requirements of the regulatory authorities, but also to meet the needs of the development of the group; the construction of internal control does not contradict the ongoing erp project, we should put the two combined organically, it achieves a multiplier effect. everyone should be motivated, motivated, and work together to ensure that the special work of internal control construction is completed on time and with good quality.

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