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lead is the main role of traditional radiation protection industry elements, but it is well known that lead is highly toxic, harms the human body, the environment will. hl devitated for several years, developed a polymer tungsten radiation shielding material to replace the traditional lead, which is a revolution in the history of radiation protection.

we offer a wide range of lead-equivalent tungsten clothing to meet your full range of ray shielding needs.

light weight and action freely

equivalent lead equivalent, the polymer tungsten has a better radiation shielding performance, so the polymer tungsten radiation protective clothing can be significantly less weight loss of lead garments. so you relieved, light and comfortable.

non-toxic and health protection

perfect environmental suitability tungsten polymer protective clothing, to meet your needs for radiation protection, will not cause poisoning to the human body, but not on the soil, water, the atmosphere caused by pollution, to achieve the function to meet the health protection.

our polymer tungsten are made up non-toxic tungsten and natural rubber, with high density and good shielding properties for all types of radiation. allowing you to work in a radiation environment

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