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tungsten round billet

high density、high flexible、strong competitiveness

due to the stable and reliable supply of tungsten round billet we can produce the high-quality tungsten wire. worthy of our pride is that by virtue of "solidarity, diligence, innovation and efficiency" spirit of the enterprise. we took the lead in the country to achieve a single weight 3kg tungsten round direct sintering equipment and process localization.

at the same time, we have a full range of cold isostatic pressing and induction sintering equipment. and we can provide a variety of tungsten round billet.

whether it is used to product tungsten wire, or for the processing of complex structure of tungsten products, we will provide a variety of products for your different performance requirements.

we can offer various chemical composition alternatives:

  • 3n  – w 99.9%
  • 3n5 – w 99.95%
  • 3n8 – w 99.98%
  • 4n  – w 99.99% 
  • 5n  – w 99.999%
  • doped w –k-doped, all kinds of rare-earth doped w

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