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autumn team building 2021 - gemba walk is battlefield circulation, go to gemba more
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on october 23, 2021, w/mo wire business unit organized the 2021 autumn team building activities with the theme of “gemba walk is battlefield circulation, go to gemba more”.
colleagues from managerial positions in w wire dept. i, w wire dept. ii, mo wire dept., dies dept., domestic sales dept., overseas sales dept., and members of management team of w/mo wire bu participated in this outdoor adventure in baizhangya cliff. 

in the early morning of autumn, with the soft sunlight and cool breeze, everyone bravely marched towards the destination. 
on the way, the team passed through steep slope and sliding rocks, and avoided a dangerous swarm of bees. baizhangya waterfall loomed among the bushes quietly and the team quickly stepped forward. 
in an instant, baizhangya waterfall came into sight.

walked along the stream, passed through the colored stone valley, and arrived at the picnic site. after spontaneous and orderly busy work, delicious food came out of the pot.
after lunch, the team kept moving forward. although there are difficulties and obstacles along the way, the team with the spirit of “having a meal together” never gave up, helped each other, and arrived at the destination finally.  
at 6:30 pm, following xtc iam promotional video “we will make our country stronger through advanced manufacturing”, the dinner started with the theme of “gemba walk is battlefield circulation, go to gemba more”
colleagues from each department gave speeches on “gemba walk is battlefield circulation, worksite management, lean production, advanced manufacturing” and communicated and shared some problems during the work. 
mr. wei, gm of w/mo wire bu, said: chinese character “伙” means “have a meal together”. today, all of us here have a meal together. during the climbing process, the team members helped each other, which shows the cohesion within w/mo wire bu. then, he put forward two expectations: 
(1) “go to gemba more” go to gemba is not just the literal meaning of “go to workplace”. colleagues are expected to find problems in workplace and resolve these problems in the way of projects. 
(2)  strive for steady growth and new development: tungsten wire has entered into the new racing course. customer services need to be stable, and in the meantime, seeking new progress.