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hot runner nozzle with tzm
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plastic injection molding is a process used for the manufacture of plastic products. liquid plastic is transported through a hot runner and injected into a mold. hence,many plastics require an extremely precise processing temperature. 

to keep the plastic at the right temperature, the nozzle is externally heated using heating coils. only at the very end - in the so-called nozzle tip - is no further heating equipment used. the heated nozzle itself must transfer the heat to the plastic. consequently, the thermal conductivity of the material is crucial. in conventional metals such as steel, this is not sufficient. although copper has a very high level of thermal conductivity, it is not able to withstand the abrasive plastic.

for example, glass fiber-reinforced plastics are exceptionally strong during processing but also highly abrasive. during the production process they can place considerable strain on hot runner systems - and the hot runner nozzles in particular. an optimum combination of thermal conductivity and material hardness is required. for honglu, thats not a problem.

tzm offers particularly high thermal conductivity of 140 w/mk coupled with excellent temperature and corrosion resistance. if a high level of material hardness is required, we can further harden tzm by subjecting it to our special process.