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summer team building 2021 - science and technology constitute a primary productive force
from: time:2021/7/31 8:09:38 hits:4998
on july 10, 2021, in order to deepen the understanding among key technicians and engineers, and improve the technical team’s capability to deliver, w/mo wire bu tungsten and molybdenum wire division held the “summer team building 2021” with the theme of " science and technology constitute a primary productive force. ". 
a total of 42 colleagues from w wire dept. i, w wire dept. ii, mo wire dept., dies dept., domestic sales dept. and overseas sales dept., and management team of w/mo wire bu took part in “river trekking”.

at the dinner after the event, they gave their ideas on "how to transform science and technology into productivity quickly”, and put forward many thoughts and suggestions on technical exchange & training, working methods, nature of advanced equipment, professional technology, and establishment of talent echelon, which showed the vitality and cohesion of the whole team.