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new wine in old bottles: the new application of molybdenum disulfide(mos2)
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as a natural mineral, molybdenum disulfide was first used in the mid-19th century. during the california gold rush, molybdenum disulfide was used as a lubricant for carriage bearings. in the 1960s, the united states has formulated military standards for molybdenum disulfide and regarded it as confidential. subsequently, molybdenum disulfide sputtering films and ion plating films have appeared one after another, and molybdenum disulfide is gradually being used in emerging technical fields.

the layered structure of molybdenum disulfide determines its good lubricating properties. due to the steady-state (2h) sandwich structure, the relative slippage of the molecular layer of molybdenum disulfide reduced the friction factor and reduced wear. studies have found that molybdenum disulfide has excellent lubricating properties, especially suitable for high temperature and high-pressure operating environment. in addition, molybdenum disulfide has extremely high stability. in most solvents, molybdenum disulfide materials are uniformly dispersed and stable without precipitation.

nano-molybdenum disulfide is a new attempt in molybdenum disulfide. molybdenum disulfide nanosheets are nano-scale crystals. as the particle size of molybdenum disulfide becomes smaller, the anti-friction performance has been greatly improved. molybdenum disulfide (mos2) ultrathin nanosheets powder produced by honglu has stable quality and good performance in dispersion and narrow particle size distribution, which layer thickness is stable at 2~10nm.

furthermore, for different application fields, there are hydrophilic and hydrophobic nanosheets powder produced by honglu for selection. due to derivative of nano molybdenum disulfide lubricating oil have excellent lubricating properties, which are widely used in various nonferrous metal wire drawing lubrication. it can also be used as an additive for hydraulic oil and oil nano lubrication.
the literature published in the tribology and lubr sci reported nano-molybdenum disulfide as an additive, which can significantly improve the lubricating performance of lubricating oil.

the single-layer form of mos2 has recently received special recognition for its fascinating electrical and optical properties. the new products of molybdenum disulfide (mos2) ultrathin nanosheets, which are monolayer or few layers, show in yellow-green colar and fluorescence effect at an excitation wavelength. they have photoelectric properties and can be widely used in the fields of various photoelectric conversions.

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