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new packaging officially opened
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the rights and interests of consumers refer to the rights and interests enjoyed by consumers according to law when they obtain goods or receive services for a certain period of time.

anti counterfeiting events

all along, xiamen honglu attaches great importance to the anti-counterfeiting of its products, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and keep pace with the pace of the times, and constantly innovate and upgrade.

nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, the means of counterfeiting and selling counterfeits also keep pace with the times. some lawbreakers take the opportunity to draw inferences from one instance and confuse the eyes with the eyes, which also weakens the anti-counterfeiting function of red envelopes.

in 2020, xiamen honglu invested more than 2 million yuan to upgrade its hardware and build a new fully automatic packaging production line. it innovated the use of integrated fully enclosed packaging, changed the inherent packaging mode of the industry, raised the threshold of counterfeiting, and deterred criminals from imitation. this also marks that xiamen honglu has entered a new era in product anti-counterfeiting.

        three differences between old and new packaging

        ① outer packing box

        the outer packing box of the new packaging box adopts the integrated fully enclosed packaging innovatively, and replaces the folding open cover type with the integrated full closed type.

old packing

new packaging

        ② certificate of outer packing box

        in the new packaging, the dot matrix online spray code technology is adopted in the certificate of outer packing box, and the original paste type certificate is replaced by online spray code.

old packing

new packaging

       ③ vacuum packaging of products

        the vacuum packaging bag of the new packaging products adopts the automatic food grade vacuum packaging mode.

old packing

new packaging

with the 71st anniversary of the motherland, the automatic packaging line officially opened, new packaging has entered the market. in the transitional period, the old and new packaging will coexist, but no matter what changes, wechat scanning line disk certificate anti-counterfeiting integral qr code is still the most important method to verify the authenticity.

special reminder: t-type is still packaged in the original plastic box.

innovation drives development, and science and technology lead the future.