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top diners of wire cutting-the molybdenum wire you use should be culture
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china is a big food country, chinese since ancient times to be able to eat, can eat, eat, dare to eat. eating, has long been out of the role of fruit belly, has become a "cultural" carrier, not only to fill the stomach, but also an extension of cultivation. china has never lacked delicious food, let alone a top-class eater who is good at discovering it.
high-end ingredients, is the core of the production of delicious, the use of the most simple cooking methods, supplemented by the right craftsmanship and the right fire, the adult taste. its the same for cooking, so is making silk.
this is the gift of nature, the use of the most simple rolling, forging, pulling and other processes, supplemented by the quality assurance system of control, intelligent equipment and just right fire, and then injected into the inheritance of rigorous ingenuity, it will become superior silk.
xiamen, located on the southeast coast of china, is a coastal city where passion and creativity collide, and here, there is an invisible champion of the tungsten tantalum silk industry - xiamen honglu tungsten tantiumpower industry co., ltd., which has the most complete industrial chain, but also has the most professional and comprehensive manufacturing line, production technology and research and development sys

ammonium ammonium acid is the raw material for the production of tantalum. more uniform particle distribution, more clean impurities removal is the key to the production of superior tantalum, ion exchange as the worlds leading technology production of ammonium palladium acid can best meet this requirement.

xiamen tungsten industry manufacturing ammonium palladium is the use of ion exchange method, different from other enterprises classic method, so as to better ensure the pure raw materials, become the ideal processing raw materials of superior tantalum.


 ammonium ammonium palium - classic method ammonium palladium - ion exchange method

by restoring, doping, pressing, and sintering, the blanks can be generated.

the original diameter of the billet is 70mm,such as the arm-like thick, a single weight of 25 kg, after rough rolling, medium-rolled and finished, only 45 seconds, it became a diameter of 5.5mm,such as chopsticks-like thin silk, the realization of this technology mainly rely on the honglu independent research and development of large rolling mill production line, and this line is the domestic and even even the whole asian unique production line, which also creates a "honglu" silk.

this large deformation, fast-rolling and forging technology, to maximize the tissue of the molybdenum more dense, the length and width of the grain is larger than, thus, make the wire more resilient, more difficult to break, more wear-resistant.

preserving the purest quality of the metal palladium and continuing to strengthen it, the highest starting line is established for subsequent processing. this is the greatest tribute to nature.

the initial molding of the silk, will be sent to the next production line, to accept repeated forging, stretching.        
the molding of the silk is not a one-off, its manufacturing process is rigorous and clear; in this way, a thousand hammers, step-by-step stretch, a little toward the target diameter. the manufacturing process of silk is not difficult for the operator, excellent field management, precise process control, as well as a sound quality assurance system, the master to do not much, will be on the semi-finished product into the production line, and then harvest the product, press the starting and ending key, the rest to the intelligent manufacturing system can be. through the accumulation of time, the earth is stored in nature in its most primitive form, and the processing of silk should also be given time to complete, we have to wait patiently.

in the final stage of the finished product pull- and are fully open, at this time, the speed of the equipment is very high, and the silk diameter is fine, which is also the time to test the results of the silk manufacturing process. still is the production line of automation, is still handed over to time, pure technology has given us great confidence, i believe that this natural gift can be used well, can make the ideal product in mind. with this confidence, we look at the equipment automatic start and stop, temperature regulation feedback, online laser diameter measurement, lubrication fluid automatically follow the ring, know that the ideal product will be automatically listed, in batches presented!

of course, self-confidence is a good thing, and humility is also a gift of respect for nature. after the finished product is produced, we send the silk to the quality control department. the quality control department is like a "test-taker"who, at the dinner end, strictly controls their taste and takes responsibility for each diners taste buds.

with the dual addition of technology and equipment, we can more intuitively and clearly see and test each batch of finished silk, with technology to show natural beauty, with the fact that the confidence in the chest.

before and after diners enjoy the culinary process, do not miss any opportunity to communicate, in the thousands of "taste" data, together to find and imagine the possibility of silk evolution, in order to do a good job of the next "delicious" set the direction.

today, as one of the most important tools for wire cutting and processing, silk is not only a consumable, but also an industrial culture and pursuit.
and wire cutting is not only a simple processing, but also a kind of art and taste, with good tools, but also the integration of art and culture, to achieve a higher taste of the pursuit;
hongliu is willing to use the best, understand, love to use the line cut industrys top diners, to offer the top delicious, to the culture of swallowing, with the ingenious, work handy, excellent travel.