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large tungsten alloy shield examined and accepted by client
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recently, super-large tungsten alloy shield for the european neutrino exploration project, jointly undertaken by the r&d team of xiamen honglu and xtc technology center, successfully passed the secondary acceptance in the factory. the product of this project has a net weight of 2 tons of single piece tungsten alloy (the maximum weight of the same kind of product at home or abroad is 1.3 tons, according to the reports.). the wall thickness is nearly 200 mm. its density, purity, microstructure, dimensional tolerances, surface quality, air tightness test and other parameters meet customer’s requirements, marking the successful ending of projects r&d work.

the project started with r&d in design, material selection and performance evaluation. domestic effective resources were organized to take a multi-pronged approach in materials, equipment and technology. it took more than 3 years to complete this challenging task successfully, and to provide clients with satisfactory products and services, which have created sales profits and reputation for the xtc group. through the r&d of this project, the company has accumulated technical experiences in pressing, sintering, machining, ultrasonic flaw detection, drop test simulation, corrosion resistance test, radioactive purity measuring, helium leak detection for tungsten alloy shield with super-large size, weight, and wall thickness.